Meet me at the cemetery gates 





In private.




ART thou a Statist in the van
Of public conflicts trained and bred?
--First learn to love one living man;
'Then' may'st thou think upon the dead.

A Lawyer art thou?--draw not nigh!
Go, carry to some fitter place
The keenness of that practised eye,
The hardness of that sallow face.

Art thou a Man of purple cheer?
A rosy Man, right plump to see?
Approach; yet, Doctor, not too near,
This grave no cushion is for thee.

Or art thou one of gallant pride,
A Soldier and no man of chaff?
Welcome!--but lay thy sword aside,
And lean upon a peasant's staff.

Physician art thou? one, all eyes,
Philosopher! a fingering slave,
One that would peep and botanise
Upon his mother's grave? 20

Wrapt closely in thy sensual fleece,
O turn aside,--and take, I pray,
That he below may rest in peace,
Thy ever-dwindling soul, away!

A Moralist perchance appears;
Led, Heaven knows how! to this poor sod:
And he has neither eyes nor ears;
Himself his world, and his own God;

One to whose smooth-rubbed soul can cling
Nor form, nor feeling, great or small;
A reasoning, self-sufficing thing,
An intellectual All-in-all!

Shut close the door; press down the latch;
Sleep in thy intellectual crust;
Nor lose ten tickings of thy watch
Near this unprofitable dust.

But who is He, with modest looks,
And clad in homely russet brown?
He murmurs near the running brooks
A music sweeter than their own.

He is retired as noontide dew,
Or fountain in a noon-day grove;
And you must love him, ere to you
He will seem worthy of your love.

The outward shows of sky and earth,
Of hill and valley, he has viewed;
And impulses of deeper birth
Have come to him in solitude.



Englische Gräber, sehr schön. Fotos von dort erfreuen mich immer ganz besonders, vielen Dank.
Gern geschehen. Wie ich sehe, haben Sie auch gleich das passende Poem dazugestellt. Sehr schön!




Ilam Church, Staffordshire


nordengland irnzwo.

Herzliche willkommen. :-)

Und wie schön, dass Sie gleich Fotos aus einem Land mitgebracht haben, das hier lange nicht mehr vorkamen. Gerade England mag ich besonders gern. Dankeschön.
na wenn ich so nett jefracht werd... komm ich natürlich mal rum. :) schön hamses hier.
Dankesehr. Dann bleibt zu hoffen, dass Sie öfter einmal wiederkommen.


St. Yves, Cornwall.


Eingang zu St. James Garden, Liverpool
Die ganze Anlage ist gesäumt mit diesen alten Grabsteinen

St. James Garden - Liverpool

St. James Garden, Liverpool

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